Моника Лонг прокомментировала отчет Ripple о «новой ценности»

Ripple named Monica Long as president

On Twitter, Ripple announced that it has named Monica Long as president.

Моника Лонг прокомментировала отчет Ripple о «новой ценности»

On Twitter, Ripple recently announced that it has named Monica Long as president. Was noted:

Starting the year off on a high note – we are excited to share that longtime Rippler and GM @MonicaLongSF is now President! Read more about her appointment.

The official website also stated:

Coming off our strongest year yet, Monica is one of the driving forces behind why we have been as successful as we are today despite multiple crypto winters and headwinds in the industry. She joined Ripple in 2013 when the company had only 10 employees. At a time when crypto was barely a blip on the radar, she was in the trenches establishing Ripple as a responsible leader in the crypto industry—working with regulators and evangelizing the benefits and utility of crypto, as well as earning the trust of financial institutions globally.

Not too long ago, it was unheard of for enterprises and financial institutions to use crypto in their tech stack. Under Monica’s leadership, and working alongside engineering and product, her team helped launch On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), one of the industry’s first enterprise crypto solutions to use crypto for cross-border transactions and Ripple’s flagship product in 2018. Today, ODL is available in nearly 40 payout markets and last year, approximately 60% of payments over RippleNet were sent through ODL. In other words, over half of payments are now using XRP for cross-border transactions. Ripple has processed $30B worth of volume and 20M transactions since RippleNet was first launched.

Monica’s passion, hard work and successful strategic bets resulted in her promotion in August 2020 to General Manager of RippleX where she oversaw product, engineering, partnerships, marketing and developer relations, working together to support an open community of crypto developers innovating across creator economies, payments, identity, foreign exchange, digital media, gaming, central bank digital currencies and more. Under her leadership, the team launched and contributed to –along with the community–  the first phase of the EVM sidechain and brought NFTs to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) under the proposed amendment, XLS-20, as well as inked key CBDC partnerships with the countries of Palau and Bhutan. In addition, they led funding for and helped launch 100+ projects through grants, accelerators, bounties, hackathons and the XRPL Zone.

Monica has been recognized by San Francisco Business Times as one of the most influential women in business and payments. In addition, she was part of HSBC’s ‘Women on the Rise in FinTech’ initiative, a program aimed at celebrating gender diversity by honoring the industry’s preeminent women.