Ripple partners with FLUF World

Сompany Ripple entered into a partnership with FLUF World.

Ripple and FLUF World, a pioneer in 3D-enabled, content-rich NFT collections and experiences, have partnered to bring «The Open Metaverse» to life. The project will be implemented through the new decentralized blockchain network, The Root Network.

The Root Network combines the best of Web3 with a focus on user experience. Therefore, they will add to it what is best to enable settlement and liquidity of tokenized assets at scale – the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

XRPL will play a decisive role in this network through setting the standard for NFT functionality and utilizing XRP as the default digital asset for transaction activity in the network’s multi token gas economy. Monica Long, GM of Ripple commented on the project:

We are thrilled for Ripple to partner with FLUF World on the exciting project of The Open Metaverse. For nearly 10 years, the XRP Ledger has served as the best-in-class capabilities for settlement and liquidity of any tokenized asset, from currencies to collectibles. The partnership is a testament to the robustness of the XRP Ledger to support a metaverse project of this scale